Great Grey Gin

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Partners Chas Marsh and Travis Goodman make their Great Grey Gin in the tradition of Wyoming— it’s sourced from all local grains and proofed down with local (Tetons) mountain water. For the distillation they use a combination approach, including both vapor for some botanicals and others in the still. Further it is designed to be a ‘twist’ on the London Dry style; therefore, there’s some contemporary flare here that gives Great Grey Gin a unique perspective.


Tasting Notes

Complex and sweetly floral nose. The fruity/floral notes suggest either a heavy coriander or lavender presence, with linalool the dominant aromatic. Chewy hints of grain with fennel seed facets round things out. Great Grey Gin is not easily described by the nose alone, but it is intriguing and inviting, especially for fans of contemporary style gins.

Sipped, there’s an evolution of flavors. The team at Jason Hole Still Works have brought a lot of botanicals to the fore. Early, a melange of citrus/floral flavor quickly makes its presence known and then fades away. You’ll get hints of hibiscus, rose, and candied lime peel.

Cinnamon begins to rise sharply around the mid-palate. Chewy notes of fennel, shortbread and red hots lends the middle a complex spice-forward personality.

The finish still has that chewy, unctuous fennel note. Coriander, slight waxy juniper, and makrut lime leaf lend a robust complexity on a rather long, and unfolding finish.


Great Grey Gin is a powerful spirit— both aromatically and taste wise. It can stand up to bold ingredients. Additionally, it can bring a bold perspective in small quantities. I like the way it combines with tea as a flavor.

Try it in a NegroniLast Word or Gin and Iced Tea. 

Overall, Great Grey Gin

Great Grey Gin is a bit light on the juniper, which will disappoint fans of classic style. However, for fans of contemporary styles, Great Grey Gin is a bold, botanically driven gin with a diverse and nicely balanced botanical bill. While bartenders should keep in mind its contemporary style, it is bold and works well with a strong gin character in most cocktails.


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