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Rhode Island Spirits’ Rhodium Forager’s Gin highlights local botanicals, wild foraged from from the state’s varied landscape. Distilled from a base of corn, it features fourteen botanicals, including wild-sourced red clover and autumnberry (also known as Autumn Olive).

Tasting Notes

Nose: Fragrant with sweet herbaceous notes. Quintessentially red clover with hints of rose, dusty cardamom, coriander and a tinge of juniper.

Palate: Spicy and herbal in equal parts with heady floral undertones. Cardamom and spices, then suggestions of makrut lime leaf, lemon scented balm. The finish begins with dewy clover and honeysuckle. Cinnamon notes add warmth in the background while juniper adds some piney depth.

Forager’s Gin has an long finish. Warm and balanced, it highlights several flavor facets in an evolving journey. While the nose suggests to me spring or summer, the complex palate sings a story of autumn.


Forager’s Gin is a bold and aromatic gin. Bartenders should mix with it as a contemporary, herbal gin. The flavor would be atypical for classic or a replacement for traditional London Dry Gins.

I recommend it strongly in a Last Word. However, it mixes well with citrus and also makes a nice French 75 and Tom Collins.

I would recommend against using Forager’s Gin in dessert cocktails like the Gin Alexander or pairing with cream.

Overall, Forager’s Gin

Forager’s Gin is a beautiful expression of place. It is bold and contemporary, with a good mouthfeel. It’s an ideal gin for spring, summer and fall.


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  1. Thx for the hints on what it will fit with/substitute for. The hints will save me a half a 750ml in experimenting.