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Well look-y here. If it isn’t David T. Smith on a bottle of gin. Writer, gin-pioneer and of course friend, is pictured here foraging among the Hedgerows of the countryside for plums and berries. The Rademon Estate Distillery in Northern Ireland does their gins on 450 L. German copper pot still and indeed, many of the botanicals in their flagship gin(s) are foraged from their vast estate. Like here where they foraged for apples. Or maybe here where they talk about the foraged clover. And Elderberries….

The point being that the team at Shortcross isn’t just about the local; Estate Foraged Gin is about home, where the blackberries and Damsons grow wild in the centuries old British hedgerows…

Tasting Notes

The nose is an intriguing blend of dried apples and piney, resiny juniper berries. Crisp but quintessentially piney, it’s a lovely gin nose that is traditional as it is clean. I like the spruce forest in winter notes that feel forest-y and cozy. Of the gins I’ve tried in That Boutique-y Gin Company’s lineup, Estate Foraged Gin is the most classic on the nose I’ve had so far.

The palate is thickly situated within that previously mentioned pine forest. Thick, almost chewy juniper berries, take on a slightly more fruit-forward note mid-palate with sweet orange zest, lemon rind and clover flower. It’s slightly floral and slightly jammy, with a hint of Damson fluttering along the edges.

The finish is crisp and slightly buttery with a hint of cinnamon and ginger. Heady juniper and a pleasant modicum of spice accompany the spirit on a medium length finish that leans on fruit-notes for support and color, but doesn’t quite lose sight of the juniper. It’s fundamentally a warm spice forward gin with a touch of fruit. The Damson is nicely integrated into the botanical blend. If you’re looking for a distilled take on Sloe gin, don’t stop here. Estate Foraged Gin is a garden fresh juniper-accentuated gin that builds from the traditional outward.


I really like the work that the team at Rademon Estate Distillery do and Estate Foraged Gin is no exception. A well considered gin that has a lot of complexity and is worth sipping neat just as it is. Classic gin fans will find plenty familiar here; however, contemporary gin fans also will really enjoy the playfulness that the berry and plum notes add.

Fans of classic style gin, this is one of the most classic gins in That Boutique-y Gin Company’s initial 11 gin and would be well recommended to take a closer look at this limited edition gin. It pushes the envelope, but in a nicely balanced and well-balanced way. I quite enjoy this one, neat.


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