Eight Lands Gin

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When you hear the word “Speyside,” you probably think Whisky. You might be surprised that Glenrinnes Distillery specializes in vodka, barrel aged vodka (!, yes!) and gin.

Their Eight Lands Speyside Gin features organic, local botanicals like cowberries, and uses a Wheat base.

Tasting notes

Nose: Almost like a spiced, herbal tea— notes of Earl Grey suggested from a hearty combination of earthy cinnamon, lemon peel, and a touch of bergamot. Resinous, suggestive juniper occupies a tertiary place on the nose, adding color and depth without much piney character.

Flavor: Surprisingly smooth and complex. On the entry, cardamom leaves a sweet impression before the heart of Eight Lands Gin bursts forth. Lots of lemon, with a surprising note of Sweet lemon flavored tea (I mean this in the best way— Americans will find this note similar Nestea brand bottled tea).

Slight pepperiness as well. Black tea, more cardamom and a hearty, dark juniper favor. Nicely balanced and quite smooth.

Finish: Dark, oily lemon hovers at the back of the palate. Long lasting cardamom and black tea notes lend Eight Lands Gin an impressively long, evolving flavor with only minimal heat.

Cocktails and suggested serves

Beautiful and complex, Eight lands Gin is a versatile gin behind the bar that is as at home in a gin and tonic, Negroni or Martini. Bartenders will find it easy to work with— it provides some staple gin flavor in any application (specifically spice, citrus, and juniper).

Overall, Eight Lands Gin

Eight Lands Gin may not wear its unusual botanicals on its sleeve in the way some do. Instead, it marries them with classic (and contemporary gin botanicals) to create a complementary, and well balanced gin that bartenders will have no problem mixing with. But will also reward those who build a cocktail around some of its more unique characteristics.

Overall, this is a fun gin— and one that I would actively seek out.

Highly recommended.


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