Dublin City Gin

Price:  $45 / 700 mL
ABV: 42%
Origin: UK
Distiller: Dublin City
Availability: UK
Rating:  Nice balance with a fresh dose of juniper, lovely grapefruit and dry, slightly spicy coriander. In this case it’s not about it being new or radical. It’s about how the nuance and a couple slight design touches within the classic [The Juniper, the coriander] combine to create something that has something for fans of both classic and contemporary styles.   [Rating:3.5/5]

dublin-city-irish-dry-gin (1)A love letter from two gin fans to the city of Dublin, it adds Dublin Rhubarb [didn’t know this was a thing] along with some traditional gin botanicals to create a gin that is about the place first, but hopes to one day be distilled in the place with a Dublin distillery part of the long term plan.

Lovely, juniper forward nose, with dry, slightly spicy, [smells perhaps like Moroccan] coriander, angelica, and pine notes with grapefruit flourish along the edges. Exceptional and bright, I love this nose, though you do get slight hints of linalool beneath the surface. Perhaps lavender, perhaps the aforementioned rhubarb. The top notes carry the juniper, but this coriander really makes up the body of it, especially as it warms. It becomes quite coriander forward as it sits.

Pine at first, menthol hued spruce, and Pomelo flesh. Bright white grapefruit towards the back half of the flavor. Coriander on the finish, with a really dry peppery note, as if cracked pepper was tasted, but it lacked the mentholated coolness of the pepper. But not quite cubeb though either. I think I might detect a touch of Grains of Paradise on the dry out. It’s clean, dry but not astringent. Really quite lovely with a nice perspective.

Does it taste like Dublin? I’m not quite sure. But is it a good gin? I think so. While it doesn’t break new boundaries, the subtlety within the realms of tradition warrants a closer look, even as it straddles the line between classic and contemporary.

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