Four Pillars Distillery ✕ Kyoto Distillery Changing Seasons Gin

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Australian-based Four Pillars Distillery has made a tradition of partnering with other distilleries around the world to create unique, inspired collabs with an emphasis on local, regional botanicals. Changing Seasons Gin partners with Japanese Kyoto Distillery, creators of Ki No Bi Gin.

The name plays off the temporal similarities and the seasonal disparity.  “Changing Seasons” is an apt name, as “Ki No Bi” roughly translates as “the beauty of the seasons.” When its cherry blossom season in Japan, its autumn in Australia. The mashup combines Australian citrus with Japanese citrus; along with several other regional ingredients from the two respective nations. All of this is paired up with Macedonian juniper for their limited edition gin.

Special thanks to Caroline Childerley (a.k.a. Australia’s The Gin Queen) for sourcing this sample.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Light and green, with delicate mild fir needles and Persian lime. The aroma has hints of grass and unripe banana.

Flavor: Citrus, with round chocolate facets, and hints of buttery, vanilla biscuit. Mid-palate bright, light pine with juniper and tart lime. Finish is long with a mild, fresh juniper heart.

Changing Seasons Gin takes you on a journey from start to finish with an unfolding palate that sounds discordant in print— but it really works in a glass.


With only a small sample, I wasn’t able to really try Changing Seasons Gin in cocktails. I love its potential in a Martini, especially garnished with a savory, briny olive or onion.

Overall, Changing Seasons Gin

The Four Pillars Distillery ✕ Kyoto Distillery illustrates the limitless potential of botanical creativity. Just as distillers around the world making gin have riffed on the the Eastern European accord of juniper, coriander, angelica, and orris root that underlies so many classic gins; it’s fascinating to see what can develop when distillers from around the world embrace new botanicals alongside their own.

Changing Seasons Gin finds beauty in chaos, producing a gin with a flavor that I’m not sure could have happened outside of such a collab.



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