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I know what you’re thinking. It’s a gin in a plastic bottle. But I’ve learned thus far, especially in my European travels that plastic bottles don’t quite mean the same thing.

Case and point, Biostilla Premium Gin distilled at the Walcher Estates Distillery which lays claim to nine generations of distilling expertise*. Located in the Northern Alpine region of Italy, the distillery is in South Tyrol, a semi autonomous region which is more German than Italian. And the Walcher Estates Distillery line of products includes several things which we’d generally think of as Alpine spirits, including a Stone Pine Liqueur and Tyrolean Gentian.

Biostilla Premium Gin is distilled from soft wheat and distilled again with wild Juniper berries. The spirit is entirely organic, and as the prefix might suggest, the team behind the spirit is into respecting their ecological responsibility as a distillery.

Tasting Notes

The nose is quiet with a subtle pine aroma. Juniper, a bit sappy, but overall quiet.

On the palate, sweet juniper early with that pine-forward perspective. Mid-palate there’s a little bit of citrus, slightly bitter orange in character, and then a quiet flash of juniper again towards the finish. There’s a surprising bit of heat here. The finish is short, and a bit bitter with just a bit of straight ethanol.

The overall flavor just lacks complexity, especially on the finish.


Biostilla Premium Gin works reasonably well in a Gin and Tonic. I found some of its shortcomings, especially on the finish better suited to something like a Gin and Bitter Lemon. If you are going to go for Gin and Tonic though, don’t be afraid to reach for some of the bolder, wilder flavors to add some complexity. In some ways, this is a gin asking for a bolder partner. It will add a little bit of juniper flavor, but it may sit back and let the tonic be the star.


At a paltry 37.5% ABV, Biostilla Premium Gin comes across as a bit underwhelming. It tastes faint and although it does bring a juniper note which will please fans of classic style gin, it just isn’t anything too special. Gins at this price point, including Gordon’s Gin offer far more complexity while maintaining that juniper note.

Overall, I’d love to see what the team could do, with the same botanical bill at a higher proof.


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