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If you’re drinking at CenturyLink Field in Seattle, Washington, you may be able to spot a familiar number on the bottles when you buy a cocktail.  The Seahawks retired the #12 in 1984 in honor of their fans. In recent times, given the teams success, the 12th man and the ceremonial rising of the flag before each game has taken on a more prominent role in the team’s culture and how other fans see the team. No. 12 Gin is their dedicating to them.

Heritage Distilling Co. is located a bit outside Seattle, distilling out of Gig Harbor, on the shores of Puget Sound, shares a name with the aforementioned tradition. Their Batch No. 12 spirits (called because it was the 12th batch), which include a vodka and bourbon, in addition to their gin, have been sold at CenturyLink field and around the Pacific Northwest. Perfect for any 12th man or woman to drink while cheering on their team (in my estimation, as a Hawks fan myself).

The gin itself is corn/wheat based and is distilled with a concise trio of botanicals and diluted to bottling strength with local water.

Tasting Notes

Lots of pine on the nose of No. 12 Gin at first. Crisp, frosty juniper berry, with a peppery, oily tinge. Simple albeit gorgeous, it emphasizes juniper the juniper, with a hint of orange and neroli oil beneath.

The palate bursts forth with notes of spruce, juniper, resiny pine bark and bitter orange zest. The mid-palate is clean and still juniper-forward with a slight hint of fennel stalk and spicy coriander seed. The finish is rife with citrus oil, juniper-notes remain but there’s a good deal of bitter orange notes, with a bit of Neroli and Bergamot.

Fairly long finish with pine and citrus. Lovely and quite classic overall.


Clean and classic, it’s ideally suited for a Gin and Tonic or Gin and Juice. The juniper certainly comes through so it’s best for those who do already like gin. Those who aren’t fans already may be put off by the heavy juniper-forward perspective. But gin lovers will rejoice. It’s craft and classic as classic does with a nice balance.

As far as cocktails, I found it to be a versatile mixing gin as well, capable of bringing juniper to any party. AviationNegroni? Yup, it does it all. And the overall texture of the spirit is rich and foresty and makes a delicious Martini as well.


Overall, I find Heritage Distilling Co.’s Batch No. 12 Gin to be a versatile, well made gin. Great for mixing and great for sipping just on its own. Fans of classic, staple gins will find a lot to like about this gin. Recommended. 


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  1. Absoutely my favorite gin so far. And not expensive. Sadly, it appears to be discontinued. I haven’t tried Heritage’s other gin.