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The Amazon rainforest conjures notions of wild, untouched botanical diversity. Forests rich with life— animal and plant. Similar to first movers in Australia and South Africa, Cachoeira Farm, the first dedicated gin distillery has an incredible opportunity to begin telling the story of Brazilian botanicals (in gin form). Amázzoni Gin is their flagship gin and first release.

The botanicals are steeped in grain alcohol before distillation in a custom built copper still.

Among those botanicals are several that are unusual by gin standards. Maxixe is a spiny little cucumber of West African origin that is popular in Brazilian cuisine consumed raw in salads or well-cooked in stews and soups. The Victoria amazonica is the largest lily in the water lily family, as well as the national flower of nearby Amazonian neighbor Guyana. Its seeds are added for a “spiritual” connection.  The cipó-cravo (Tynnanthus fasciculatus) was a native herb that Europeans called “the Clove vine” that was widely known among native Brazilian peoples as an aid for upset stomachs.

In other words the botanical diversity of the region is on full display in Amázzoni Gin.

Tasting Notes

Nose: The aroma of Amázzoni Gin is leafy green and more familiar than it isn’t. Fresh bay leaf, tarragon, and yew with echoes of camphor, pine and cooked tree nuts.

Flavor: A bit more spice than came through on the nose. Citrus is strong early, with hints of macadamia nut and cocoa nib. Citrus mellows a bit mid-palate where generally green juniper begins to shine through. As it begins to approach the finish, coriander and round, crisp herbal notes ease into the finish.

The finish is juniper led as pine facets begin to shine through.


The overall profile is botanically intense which does mean it may need special attention behind the bar. At a classic Negroni ratio, the flavor is still strong and quite nicely balanced with other ingredients. It makes for an herbal, savory, Martini, but that can be dialed down by garnishing with a twist.

In more complex mixed drinks, the herbal side comes through most strongly. Though the chartreuse in a Last Word might overpower Amázzoni Gin’s herbal side, the tart citrus of a drink like the Tom Collins or Monkey Gland provides a fresh counterpoint.

Overall, Amázzoni Gin

Amázzoni Gin tells an evocative story while remaining clear and accessible. Fans of classic-style gin will appreciate the juniper presence throughout. Fans of contemporary, especially herbal or citrus-forward styles will enjoy the balance and interplay of the new and familiar. Overall, it presents a distinctive point of view with wide appeal.

Recommended in its category. 

Coming Soon

Amazzoni Gin is coming to the U.S.— check out Curiada to be notified when it is available!


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