Ägräs Gin

Flavor Profile

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From the Ägräs Distillery in Fiskars, Finland, comes an award winning contemporary style gin.  They describe their approach across all of their spirits, including Ägräs Gin to capturing the “heart of Finnish nature.”

Tasting Notes

The nose of Ägräs Gin is slightly herbal and green. Notes of lime, fennel, coriander and angelica. There were faint intimations of juniper; however, it was primarily contemporary in profile.

The palate has a lot more juniper than the nose. Firstly, it has a very pleasant, slightly rich and oily mouthfeel. Ägräs Gin has juniper, coriander and a hint or rosemary. The rosemary/juniper notes seemed to create a boreal impression.

Later, notes of spruce, bitter orange and an increasing note of coriander.

The finish was dry and crisp, with a lot of warmth. Coriander seemed to be the star throughout the palate; however, overall  has a nice flavor and a pleasant impression.


I enjoyed Ägräs Gin several times with tonic water during my trip to Helsinki. It’s easy because of that to say that the Gin and Tonic was a good mixed drink with this gin. Furthermore, the pleasant mouthfeel and texture means it works well as a Martini gin.


Ägräs Gin is a well made gin in an attractive package (that appeals to my sensibilities). I enjoyed it and would easily recommend it to others while drinking gin in Finland. It was more widely available I could see Ägräs Gin being a popular choice among contemporary style gins.


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