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Urban Press Spirits is the sister to Burbank, California based Urban Press Winery. Affinity Gin is the first product created under that banner.

Affinity Gin is distilled from neutral grain spirit on a copper pot still. The botanicals are macerated for twenty-four hours before being distilled.

Tasting Notes

TL;DR: Juniper and cardamom forward nose. Citrus and cardamom palate. Finish is warm and mild w/ spice.

Fleeting notes of orange and lemon quickly emerge when poured. The core Affinity Gin is a melange of herbaceous juniper, cardamom and coriander. It leans contemporary on the nose; however also smells somewhat sweet an inviting.

The palate is creamy and rich with a modicum of warmth that grows on the finish.

Bitter lemon zest early and on the mid-palate. Cardamom hits mid-palate and lasts towards the finish, becoming more and more dominant as the spirit recedes. Orange peaks out at the finish.

Affinity Gin has an quite long finish on the palate. The cardamom and warmth last for a fair amount. It has a very winter feel to it, even as an unaged gin.


The moderated spice-forward approach lends Affinity Gin well to cocktail making. It’s understated, but elegant in a Negroni. The spice is balanced and it nicely works in a Tom Collins or even in something more dessert like a Ramos Gin Fizz. 

While it won’t bring the juniper that classic gin fans will want in a cocktail, those looking for something contemporary will like Affinity Gin. Further, it’s a versatile cocktail contemporary style gin that worked really well in a variety of cocktails.

Overall, Affinity Gin

Affinity Gin is a beautiful spice-forward expression of contemporary style gin.

Recommended within its category. 


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