100 Mill St. Gin Lumberjack ‘n Jill Edition

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Can you take a rare thing and make it even rarer? 100 Mill St. Distillers produces their flagship 100 Mill St. Gin only when the maple sap, from which they distill the base spirit for their gin, is harvested. This means that only a scant 3,000 bottles of their 42% ABV gin are produced each year. Their Lumberjack ‘n Jill Edition takes that same gin and bottles it 55% ABV.

The gin is distilled with fourteen vapor distilled botanicals.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: The change in proof emphasizes the citrus, as well as more pronounced notes of toasted sugar and maple.

Flavor: The higher ABV emphasizes a bit more of the spice botanicals in 100 Mill St. Gin. Sipped neat, the intensity of base spirit is clear— it has some character that reminds me a touch of unaged rum and cane spirit— grassy, with some hints of woodruff.

Mid-palate, notes of green mango, lemon, and pine-forward juniper. Later, black pepper, grains of paradise and a subtle hint of anise.

Finish: A menthol haze complements the blazing warmth of the base spirit.

The journey on the palate shifts from citrus, to piney, to herbal and spicy. 100 Mill St. Gin Lumberjack ‘n Jill Edition is complex and warming.


Given it’s extraordinarily limited run, I more strongly recommend this variation to fans of the original. I would recommend buying this to appreciate the texture of the base spirit and the botanicals. Sipped on the rocks it has impressive length.

As for other cocktails, it has the same potential for a Martini. However, the ABV of their lower proof one is a bit more appropriate— this one reads as a bit hot, especially if you prefer your drinks on the drier side.

It also works well in an Old Fashioned. The higher strength withstands added dilution a bit better. The addition of sugar, seemingly brings forth the inherent sweetness in the maple sap base. Bitters wise, try it with either an Angostura aromatic or citrus bitters.

Overall, Lumberjack ‘n Jill Edition

When a distiller produces a spirit, the choice of ABV is one of the most deliberate and conscious choices you can make. Just a few percentage points higher and you might get a completely different botanical on the tip of your tongue.

Lumberjack ‘n Jill Edition is a fun and well made gin. If you’re a fan of the original, I recommend it. However, it’s worth pointing out that I think the botanical profile that the 42% version showcases is a better balance. The texture of the base spirit is silkier at 42% than 55%.

Overall, a fun limited edition that supports, but does not surpass the original.


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