Notes on the Evans Gin and Tonic

The origins of the Evans Gin and Tonic— or the Evans for short— is somewhat opaque. Among the earliest mentions of the drink was a Yahoo Answers post from 2012. Given the number of answers to the question, its clear that the drink was well-known around the U.K. at least sometime before that. The New Sheridan Club mentioned the drink in a Christmas article in 2010.

In short, however a Gin and Tonic with both lemon and lime came to be known as the Evans, it’s a common east meets west approach to the gin and tonic. Many European bars will garnish a Gin and Tonic with a lemon by default. Stateside, it’s the ubiquitous lime wedge. The Evans Gin and Tonic takes the Transatlantic approach and says, “¿por que no los dos?”

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