Cola Approval

Just for a brief second, admire the label on the front of your bottle of aged gin.

Next, pour some into a tall glass. Either top with an unsweetened cola flavored seltzer water (La Croix makes a great one called Ni Cola, but some store brands also make one) or with a less sweet cola like the one from Q Drinks.

Here’s why— did you know the flavor of cola is largely attributed to an accord of coriander, cinnamon, citrus and nutmeg? They’re also common gin botanicals. All of the above are in Coke and Pepsi— but those two are too sweet and are going to overpower the botanicals in your gin.

This is the aged gin alternative to the G&T. The sweet spices from the cola amplifies the sweet spices in the gin. It’s really a beautiful thing. This drink is like your whiskey and coke grew up and got a seat at the adults’ table on family holidays.


This cocktail appears in AGED GIN: 25 COCKTAILS FOR GIN’S NEWEST STYLE (2019).



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