Botanical: Saskatoon Berries

saskatoon berrySaskatoon Berries? In the states, these small, blueberry shaped berries are known as “Juneberries,” and even before that they were known as Pigeon berries. Often a feature of prairie underbrush, these small (less than 20 ft tall) bushes grow across the prairies of the Northern United States and along the Rockies all the way through the Yukon up into Alaska. These small “wild” tasting fruits weren’t able to be grown commercially until only a few years ago. Demand is high, in part due to their prominence in local heritage cuisine such as Pemmican, jams, and even beers, but also due to their positioning by growers as the latest “superfruit.” Watch out pomegranate and acai! In short, Gambit Gin and Touchwood Gin are the only gins, and Lucky Bastard Distillers, the only ones using this fruit as of time of publishing in their gin.

Gins featuring Saskatoon Berries

Last updated October 24th, 2014 by Aaron Knoll