Summer Reading List 2018

Gin on the Beach

David T. Smith of Summer Fruit Cup‘s latest book The Gin Dictionary is easily one of the best gin books of 2018.

The A to Z approach is a new one for the gin category, adding some novelty if you’re looking for something new. But what sets David apart from many other writers is his passion for the behind the scenes and the making of gin. Smith has worked with many of the gin industry’s top distillers and some of his dictionary entries shed light on aspects of the process that  often go overlooked outside of industry events.

The Gin Dictionary is highly recommended for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of gin and how it’s made.

It does look like a textbook…

Maybe it’s a bit heavier (pun intended) than you want to take to the beach, but Jim Meehan’s literally encyclopedic work on how bars work is essential reading if you’ve ever wondered about the behind the scenes of your favorite cocktails places.

Less a Kitchen Confidential and more like an academic and through approach to Bar Rescue without the yelling— Meehan’s book is insightful, educational, and a fresh approach to category overstocked with bar basics books.

Simplify your Summer

If you’ve ever browsed a 19th century cocktail book, you’ll notice something: most of the cocktails are deceptively simple. In a world where fussy cocktail-craft has been taken to it’s logical extreme, Simonson takes a step back and looks at the simple ratios and classic flavor combinations that have endured for well over a century.

If you are tired of cocktails that require pulling a book off the shelf or Googling the recipe, 3 Ingredient Cocktails gives you the tools to go into the kitchen at your next party and bust out great cocktails without the tedious memorization.

History Geeks

Drinking isn’t a new thing.

It’s as old as civilization.

Mark Forsyth takes the reader on an engaging and fast-paced journey through 10,000+ years of human history. It’s basically the booze history equivalent of a fast-paced fiction read on the beach.

More than Just History

One half a celebration of women’s rights and feminism; the other half a celebration of good cocktails— Grashin’s work is mostly just fun.

Told with an engaging tone, it’s funny (punny?), lighthearted and passionate. Plus nicely illustrated. Women’s Libation! is a refreshing 2018 take on the cocktail book.

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