Jello Shots with Gin: The Negroni

We continue our series on Jello Shots w/gin [made by my friend Laura] with the one that I was most excited about: The Negroni.  The Negroni shots were not a huge hit, as oddly the intersection between those who were most enthusiastic about Jello shots did not intersect with those most enthusiastic about Negronis.

Visualization Negroni shot

The Ingredients:

(orange zest)
1/3 cup Campari
1/3 cup sweet italian red vermouth
1/3 cup Pinckney Bend Gin
Ingredients in a Negroni Jello shot
Ingredients in the Negroni jelly shot: Orange (to be zested), sweet red vermouth, gelatin, gin, campari (in a cup, because Aaron provided it), cookbook.
A layer of Negroni shots.  Now, lets mix them up:
A layer of Negroni shots. Now, lets mix them up:

Overall, I thought they were excellent. Taste remarkably close to a Negroni. Good amount of bitterness from the Campari and a hint of gin flavor. Well balanced. Better than expected, and without the saccharine sweetness I was expecting from my favorite drink committed to the medium of gelatin.

Again, a special thanks to my friend Laura who made the shots and took all of the pictures. They were all wonderful, and I know at all future parties where to turn for fantastic jello shots that don’t remind you one bit of the ones you might have seen in college.


And I lied. One person did fit squarely into the ven diagram of the Negroni shots. Suffice to say, I ate more than my share of them!

Where I fit into the ven diagram

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