Svöl Swedish-style Aquavit

Flavor Profile

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Svöl Swedish Aquavit is a Swedish-style aquavit distilled in New York City, with botanicals sourced by some of the world’s foremost experts in Scandinavian cuisine.

The term “Swedish style aquavit” is a bit of an informal designation (in contrast with Norwegian aquavit which is a protected designation). Swedish aquavits tend to be grain-based and unaged. However, the major distinctive characteristic is the prominent use of fennel. These kind of aquavits tend to be a bit fruitier, rounder, and have anise-like facets.

The caraway in Svöl Swedish aquavit is sourced from Finland, the world’s largest producer. The other botanicals have more of a global feel with fennel from India, lemon verbena from Egypt and lovage from Poland.

Tasting notes

Nose: Rich and dill-forward, with green, fresh dill frond notes as well.

Flavor: Light herbal citrus notes early. The mid-palate of Svöl Swedish Aquavit is a balanced melange of both caraway and dill. Late, dill seed and dill frond merge with a mild fennel note.

Fennel is present, but milder and less prominent than in other Swedish style aquavits, like O.P. Anderson and Stockholm Syndrome.

Finish: Herbal with hints of dill, cooked celery, and fennel stalk.


Sipped neat at room temperature, Svöl Swedish-style Aquavit delivers a greener, more herbal experience than most aquavits.

If you’re looking for a longer drinker, it pairs nicely with soda and a squeeze of fresh citrus. The strong herbal notes don’t work as well in warm aquavit cocktails and I would steer clear of anything like a hot toddy where some of the herbal notes can take on brothy, stewed character.

Svöl Swedish-style Aquavit is really an aquavit best enjoyed in the traditional style of snaps.

Overall, Svöl Swedish Aquavit

Among the most herbal aquavits on the market today, Svöl Swedish-style Aquavit provides an authentic, but different aquavit experience. Fans of savory, herb-forward gins will enjoy this aquavit. Fans of a traditional, heavy spice aquavit will find this spirit familiar, while stepping into slightly less familiar territory.

It’s a great sipping aquavit for people looking for a little less spice and a bit more herbal, while still remaining true to the category.