Rye Aquavit

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Rye Aquavit Bottle

Ironton Distillery works with a wide array of base spirits. They mix them up to the point where nearly each and everyone of their clear spirit products begins as a different grain. Their Rye Aquavit is distilled from a base spirit of rye grain (obviously)

Opened in 2018, Ironton Distillery is situated in Denver’s trendy and emerging RiNo arts district. All their spirits— base and with botanicals— are distilled on site in their custom built stills.

Rye Aquavit includes both of the essential aquavit botanicals, caraway and dill (or at least the essential ones as prescribed by law to be considered aquavit!). Furthermore it is a Taffel, that is completely clear with no aging performed.

Tasting Notes

The nose immediately calls to mind a Swedish-style aquavit. Heavy licorice, fennel and anise notes to the nose. It’s intense and aromatic to the point where Rye Aquavit almost seems chewy— as if you could bite into it.

Caraway subtly hovers in the background. The nose of Rye Aquavit might suggest an Ouzo moreso than an Aquavit.

The palate is where the caraway and dill come into play. Early, chewy anise and crisp round caraway seeds hit the palate. The caraway becomes dominant and will last throughout the tasting. However, mid palate there’s a hint of woodruff and bitter orange. Towards the finish, dill frond and fill seed begins to come to the fore. The finish is almost slightly green with damp, rain-kissed dill weed carving out space.

Moderately long, Rye Aquavit is mild with a clean base spirit that provides little character but does provide a pleasant thickness and clean mouthfeel.

Overall, Rye Aquavit

Ironton Distillery include both traditional aquavit botanicals and they both shine. Although Rye Aquavit rightfully may be described as being more Swedish-style Aquavit due to the heightened presence of fennel and anise notes, it achieves a flavorful robust balance.