Brøndums Snaps

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Brøndums Snaps Bottle

Brøndums Snaps can trace its recipe and origins back to the middle 19th century. Anthon Brøndum released Kummenaquavit in 1840 and is among the oldest Danish Aquavits. However the Snaps aquavit today we designed and released in 1916— when son and grandson partnered to relaunch their flagship product.

Now among several aquavits produced as part of the Aalborg family. Amathus Drinks described Brøndums Snaps as “the most neutral caraway snaps” in their product line.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Quiet vanilla-kissed caraway is complemented by licorice, aniseed and hints of bilberry.

Flavor: The palate echoes the nose almost to the tee. Creamy, slightly sweet caraway early unfolds revealing a spice-forward heart with only hints of licorice. The finish has a very slight jammy, fruity note.

Fans of Australian Gins may find the flavor reminiscent of eucalyptus, anise myrtle and a resonant note of wattle seed.

Overall, Brøndums Snaps

Less a neutral aquavit, Brøndums Snaps builds around a mild caraway flavor and supports it with complimentary botanicals that give it some unexpected fruit and spice notes.

Overall, this is a smooth easy to drink aquavit with a clean, less-traditional flavor that will appeal to those who are new to the category or looking for a more gin-like introduction.