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Bristow Gin


Bristow Gin is the baby of Mississippi’s Cathead Distillery. They’re best known for their eponymous Vodka and their signature Honeysuckle Vodka. Mississippi as a state is a mystery to me, and I seem to have made a habit of reviewing gins from the few states that I have never visited [as of right now? well there’s only Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Alaska and Hawaii, but who’s counting, right?] so unfortunately when trying to picture Mississippi I’m left with a few basic impressions. For example, I picture everyone sipping this gin to be sitting around playing some Blues or some early Americana style music. Maybe a jug band, jamming on a humid afternoon, sipping tall gin and tonics. I’m not sure if this is my fantasy about what I think Mississippi is like, or this is my fantasy about wishing that I was playing 1920’s folk music out on the Bayou. Now on to the gin.

The nose is quiet and inviting. Warm and soft juniper predominates with a slight alcohol burn when you inhale deeply. At 47%, its perhaps in line with many other craft gins and a bit stronger than most imports.

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