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River Rose Gin


When I first drove across Iowa, I found it a state that confirmed my expectations while simultaneously defying my expectations. My family never took long car trips. In fact, before I was 22, the furthest west I had ever been was Erie, PA. So let me just say that I had this impression that all I would see upon entering Iowa were field of corn and an unending flatness.

Well firstly, it was May, so the corn was naught but a gleam in a farmer’s eye. But also, who could have thought that moment where the horizon explodes and unravels itself before the unsuspecting driver, stretching itself further out than I suspected eyes could see ahead would have been so stunning. My first experience with the state of Iowa was unexpected- who would have thought I would have hung photos of the Iowa landscape in my apartment years later? But I digress, merely wanting to stop and note that I once found something wholly unexpected in Iowa, so perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised to find something so unexpected in a gin from the same state.

Stop me If you’ve Heard this One Before A gin that boasts rose and cucumber among its botanicals.

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