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What comes above Navy Strength?

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Finsbury 60% Gin

I’ve speculated in previous posts that such a place exists: the place where spirits are better suited for setting things ablaze than they are for drinking. But Finsbury, dares tread in a place few have dared to go.

There’s a 130 Proof rum. A 151 Proof rum. Whiskeys and the like have been known to occasionally clock in above 120.

But the nearest parallel I can come up with New Jersey’s Devil Springs Vodka, a 160 proof monster. Has a similar low shelf appearance to Finsbury [and similar price point]. While few folks use Devil’s Spring to drink straight it has some important uses. Powerful-little-goes-a-long-way additive for drinks and great option for infusion. Though 60% is only a hair above Navy Strength, this is uncharted territory and as it stands, this is one of the strongest gins I know of*

The nose is strongly juniper with a hint of alcohol. It smells a bit potent, and a bit inexpensive. Yes, lots of alcohol. But it doesn’t quite burn on the nose. Good sign.

Juniper present immediately on the taste, bright citrus. Lemon and Orange rind. Lemon on the close, a good deal of heat [what were you expecting?] that lingers and burns deeply in the throat and the edges of the mouth. A bit oily in character. The finish is more hot than it is long and flavorful. Juniper’s the last flavor to go.

Overwhelmingly classic with a good deal of punch.

At this proof point? It should be a mixing monster. It should be able to stand up to whatever you throw at it. With tonic it works exactly as expected, packing its punch, and bringing a good deal of juniper to the party. Quite nice, although nothing unusual and unexpected.

A little much for me in the martini, even with the generous 3:1 ratio. Lots of punch. But I generally don’t enjoy my Navy Strength gins in this way, so Finsbury 60% doesn’t seem to be a notable exception.

Lots of power in the Negroni. Brings the juniper up to the forefront, but adds little else.

Overall, I love the juniper punch it brings. It’s strong and classic styled. You’re going to love this if you love good classic styled gin. I have my reservations though. For my money, I think that Plymouth’s Navy Strength and Royal Dock of Deptford Navy Strength pull off the high proof juniper and citrus gin just a tad better. But for the price, it’s hard to go wrong.

Price: 17 €/ L
Origin: [flag code=”US” size=”16″ text=”no”] United Kingdom
Best consumed: 
 In Cocktails. The Negroni was the standout to me, but It also held its own with tonic for certain.
Availability: Widely available in the UK and Europe.
Rating: It may not wow anyone as it doesn’t quite step out of the box flavor wise, but the extra 6 proof/3% ABV makes it among the strongest gin your Euro can by.

*prove me wrong! But There are a couple of other gins at this point 60% point as well Blackwoods make one. But overall, this is rare air.

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