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Another stop on our Spring tour-de-Colorado distillery tour, Dancing Pines Distillery makes a wide array of spirits. Some of which if I were not a narrowly focused gin writer I would love to talk about. [The Black Walnut Bourbon Liqueur? guilty pleasure city….]

Dancing Pines distinguishes itself with a refreshingly narrow list of 6 botanicals.

Dancing with Dancing Pines Gin:
A nice bright nose, juniper and lemon along with a tinge of sweet but pronounced alcohol. The lemon borders on super sweet towards the end of the nose [although still very subtle], almost going in an Uncle Val’s sort of direction. Very bright, and aromatic. Interesting balance, not quite sure if the nose belies a contemporary or classic style gin.

The palate has a nice balance to it. Quiet upfront, building to a moderate juniper with an anise and fennel seed like mid note. The finish closes with a tinge of lemon, much less but long and lingering. Not a lot of heat. It has the character of a mild, but quite flavorful gin. The finish is long and souring, almost towards a puckering bitterness. Refreshing and balanced. I quite like it and think it’s doing a lot of interesting things, and getting quite a lot of mileage from only a few botanicals.

Dancing with some Cocktails
I think it makes a really nice gin and tonic. Refreshing and some slightly less conventional notes come to the fore. Particularly the anise/fennel seed notes I picked up on neat come through in a slightly more anise forward direction.

I perhaps was a little bolder with my martini than I should have been. Opting for a slightly less conventional [but personally preferred] 3:1 gin:vermouth ratio I think I washed out a bit of the flavor a lot. The Vermouth was somewhat overpowering, though I did pick up on the spicy herbal notes on the finish. I could see this gin excelling because of its smoothness and flavor profile, although I’d suggest keeping it on the stronger side at 7:1 and adding a twist rather than anything more flavorful.

We had quite a nice Negroni, a bit of the juniper and that bright anise and fennel character shined through. Nicely balanced, and a stellar example of this drink. Despite it’s 40% character, it is able to present its flavors in the Negroni. Nice drink, nice balance, and a highly recommended cocktail.


Price: $34 / 750 mL
Origin: [flag code=”US” size=”16″ text=”no”] Colorado, United States
Best consumed:  Gin and Tonics and the Negroni
Availability: See here.
Website: http://www.dancingpinesdistillery.com/
Rating: Simple but never boring. It’s probably not for everyone as in the past I’ve noticed that anise and fennel notes can be somewhat divisive, there’s still a nice rounded character with juniper and citrus to appeal to the classic style gin drinker.

*This gin was a sample provided by the distiller. 

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