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Jodhpur Gin

Jodhpur Gin

Jodhpur Gin in the Bottle.

Jodhpur gin is an interesting specimen.  It is made in the UK, most likely at Langley according to my friend David. Secondly, the inspiration for the gin was the city in India. And finally, it’s a gin made for the Spanish market [at least if the entirely in Spanish twitter, facebook and the Gin Tonica focused instagram site is any indication].

But so what if it’s an India inspired, UK distilled gin for the Spanish market. How does it taste?

The (Old) Taste of India 

No, not the song, the city. Frankly, when I hear a gin is inspired by a city in India, I begin to think literally: cardamom, coriander, exotic pungent spices. But what often is forgotten in these literal recollections is that classic London Dry gin was often enjoyed in India. So rather than India being an inspiration for modern contemporary style gins, India conversely can be used as an inspiration for classic traditional styles. Just if you take that inspiration a different way….

The gin has a nice nose, gentle juniper and a touch of citrus. Warm, freshly ground coriander on the edges too.

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