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Greenhook Beach Plum


Greenhook’s Beach Plum Gin is an infusion of local Beach Plums in Greenhook’s namesake American Dry Gin (). Although made with local plums, it is squarely part of the Sloe Gin tradition. It’s bottled at a slightly higher proof than most other gins of this type, coming in at comparatively robust 30%. It’s sweetened with Turbiando sugar.

The gin itself as a lovely ruby color, shimmering in a bright deep red.

What’s a Beach Plum? It’s a native east coast of the united states bush that grows in coastal sand dunes.

The small fruits are edible and when not being used to make local gins, they are used in wines and jams. The fruits are edible and there are specific cultivars which have been bred to produce more delectable fruits.

The plant is also common enough to be the namesake for several places along the East coast, including the evocative “Plum Island,” New York or Plum Cove, Massachusetts.

Tasting Notes

On the nose, lemon, lime, chamomile tea most brightly. You start to get some spiced notes as well with cinnamon and ginger, before the drink settles into a rich mid and low-note profile with red raspberry.

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