12 gins so far in 2019 that you need to try right now!

2019 has been a banner year for gin, with new countries and new styles continue to emerge around the world. If you’re a gin drinker— there’s more than ever to whet your summer appetite for gin.

New Countries

Roku Gin

Japanese Gin: Roku Gin

Never Never Distilling Co. Southern Strength Gin

Australian Gin: Southern Strength Gin

India: Jaisalmer Gin

Mirari Celebration Gin

South Africa: Mirari Celebration Gin

Sheep Milk & Honey Gin

New Zealand: Sheep Milk and Honey Gin

American Inventiveness

O.R.E. 118 Gin, Raw Vegan Gin

O.R.E. 118, Raw Vegan Gin

Stratusphere Gin Bottle

New Amsterdam, London Dry Gin

Loganberry Gin

Black Button Distilling, Loganberry Gin

European Inventiveness

Scottish Kings Gin

Scottish Kings Gin

Sharish Blue Magic Gin

Sharish Blue Magic Gin

Fresh Rain Gin

That Boutique-y’s Fresh Rain Gin

Drumshabo Gunpowder Gin

Drumshanbo Gunpowder Gin