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What’s New in Gin?

The new offering from Utah's Beehive Distilling, Jack Rabbit Gin.

Just Released

Who’s been talking about gin this week?

    How about everyone? Negroni week rages on! The simple, but complex drink, is getting its fair share of press this week. 44% of London luxury/high-end bar owners interviewed by a trade research group said “premium gin was the most important spirit category in their outlet.” I like the quotes in the piece, which seem to point towards high-end gins, other than the big names, being a status symbol. It also points out the important of understanding flavor profiles and categories within gin. It’s a short piece, but this is the kind of stuff we’ve been talking about for years here. It’s good to see the emphasis shifting from big buck marketing. World Gin Day is coming up, and so is the background buzz about who is putting what out there.

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World of Gin, June 7th, 2013

This month, I realized there might be enough news to take this thing weekly. But for now, here’s what happened in gin since we last checked in.

New Product Launches Out Right Now:

Distillers we’re Keeping an Eye on:

Who Else Was Talking about Gin This Week? Other Gin Reviews Quote of the Week

“Gin is a drinker’s drink, as unrepentant as a porterhouse steak, an advanced exercise in pleasure. Descended from alchemical origins, it was perfected in its familiar “dry” style during the British Empire and reflected an imperial power’s taste for imported curiosities: cubeb berries, orris root, cassia bark.

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Other Thoughts

Happy World Gin Day!

The Gin is In wishes everyone the happiest of World Gin Days!

Our World Gin Day Cocktail of choice is:  Ethereal Gin No. 4 and Fever Tree Tonic.

Ethereal Gin No. 4 is a limited edition gin from Berkshire Mountain Distillers. It’s extremely smooth and has a nice herbal flavor and just a hint of Anise that lingers after each sip. We paired it with Fever Tree Tonic because the clean strong flavor of the tonic plus just the hint of sweetness that it brings to the table is the perfect compliment. I left out the lime because of Ethereal Gin’s predominantly herbal profile. Cheers!

For more on World Gin Day: and

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