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From the World of Gin, April 2013

Introducing a new feature here for this month: There’s so much happening in gin outside of what gets written about here. All throughout April, I’ve been collecting some of the biggest stories of the month, as well as reviews across mine and other sites and anything else interesting  that’s happened in gin.

Awards from the Field New Product Launches Who Else Was Talking about Gin This Week?

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Wigle Ginever


Everytime I tell someone the name of this gin, I usually need to add the qualifying statement: “it’s GIN-ever. No. It’s not a Genever.”

But something interesting is going on in this name. Wigle has taken a bold step towards trying to define this new type of gin [Just as House Spirits tried and was quite successful at doing with Aviation gin and the “New Western” designation] which no longer seems an anomaly or an experiment.

I’ve experimented with a few terms in this space before. “Dutch Contemporary” perhaps? To pay homage to the origins of this whiskey-as-a-base style where the base acts as if a botanical adding flavor to the mix. But then again, why not “Dutch Traditional?” And how do we talk about the classic vs. contemporary spectrum of gin flavors?

Whether or not any of those terms work out, or if “Ginever” catches on, I consider Wigle’s Ginever to be among a different category of gin altogether, and therefore I will have to consider it in light of some of that style’s key characteristics. Let’s briefly review. These type of gins work best in drinks that are more whiskey like.

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