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The Gin is In’s Top 15 songs of 2011

#15: The Antlers – Every Night my Teeth are Falling out // Who hasn’t had this dream? And somehow they are able to make it into an enjoyable song? I had this song caught in my head nearly every morning for a month this summer. 

#14: The War on Drugs – Brothers // I know this song sort of has a bit of a Bob Dylanesque feel too. I’m such a sucker for songs that seem to invoke the feelings of the open road. 

#13: The Rapture – How Deep is your Love // The piano line on this is pure pop gold. And by the time that reedy sax solo comes out of nowhere halfway through, if you don’t start moving, I’d see a doctor- because you may be dead. 

#12: The Mountain Goats – Damn These Vampires // John Darnielle may be this generation’s finest songwriters. The sparse arrangement lends a certain gravity and allows the fine lyrics to come to the front. 

#11: Kate Bush – 50 Words for Snow // There’s something pretentious about this song. But there’s also something brilliant about the breathy, almost romantic call and response that encompasses the entirety of this nearly ten minute opus. 

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