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What do I drink for? Canada Day

Well we here at The Gin is In celebrate craft distilling and gin in general. And lately we’ve been super focused on the United States. Partly because that’s where our offices our located: sunny New York City!

But if we hearken back to my childhood, you might be surprised to know that I could see Canada from my porch*

So considering when I was younger that as teenagers [young teenagers, if I recall correctly] we could just walk over the bridges, spend an evening in Clifton Hill and come back. I’d go to concerts in Toronto several times a year. All of the people in Buffalo who have vacation home [Buffalonian “Cottage”] had them up in Canada. Crystal Beach, Point Colborne, Wasaga Beach and so on. When we went to the beach, we went to Canada. [all in those wonderful pre 9/11 days, now Canada is seriously treated like another country] I remember walking over the bridge to see the Tea Party at the Friendship Festival, a celebration that commemorates our nations’ friendships and the fact that our national holidays come the same weekend. So since I paid tribute and offered drink suggestions for Independence Day this year, today my close friend to the North.

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What do I drink for? The Holiday Season

No matter what you’re celebrating, happy Christmas, merry Chaunakah, a joyous Kwanzaa, a prosperous solstice and New Year, there’s a gin drink to celebrate your holidays with.

HAPPY XMAS. Now what do I drink?  Well if you’re celebrating Christmas, I think its safe to assume you have a seven and a half foot pine tree in your living room, decked out in your family’s finest spherical ornaments and familial Hallmark heirlooms? Then let me suggest something a bit literal. Pine. Let’s bring it.

You’re a gin drinker. Do you have a bottle of Douglas Fir Eau De Vie?


Put it on your list and then come back. Yes? Let’s go.

Pine Needle Press: 2 large cucumber slices. 2 parts of a nice juniper forward gin. 1 part Clear Creek Douglas Fir Eau De Vie 1/2 part Lemon Juice 1 part simple syrup. Shake ingredients with ice, strain and serve in a cocktail glass. Top with soda warter. Garnish with a lemon twist or pine branch.

Its bright (it’s green) and it tastes like a fresh Christmas cocktail should.

HAPPY HANUKKAH! Now what do I drink?

As you light the candles on your menorah you might just be looking for something to drink while basking the glow of candlelight.

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What to Drink for? Repeal Day

On December 5th 1933, the United States of America said “my bad,” and announced that Prohibition of alcohol was over.

In our humble opinion, this is quite a good thing. One can safely say that all of these great American gins which are just making their way to the market would not exist if not for the 21st amendment. Secondly, your humble narrator would likely be rake, a scoundrel of sorts, probing the seedy underbelly of modern New York in search of libations; writing under a pseudonym, sipping gin only by candlelight and then pulling up a dark hood on my jacket, ingesting a single breath mint, and wandering back home in the hopes of passing by unnoticed.

Okay, so here you are. What should you drink to commemorate this momentous occasion? Surely a look to our forebearers in the time known as B.P [Before-prohibition] we can find some cocktails.

So let me dust off a musty copy of Tim Daly’s Bartender Encyclopedia. Let’s drink like its 1903:

Where to start with this one? Firstly, Maple Gin doesn’t exist anymore. Made once long ago by the Buffalo Distilling Company in Buffalo, New York, you won’t be able to find this on the shelf.

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What Should I drink for? The Olympics

First, to all of my friends and readers over in London, I’m sure you don’t need me telling you what to enjoy. You have the entire world partying in your fair city.

This guide is for the rest of us, for us Americans who will be watching the opening ceremony on a tape delay. Speaking of which, how can you survive the indignity of already knowing the climax [who will light the flame?] and all of the well kept [mostly] secrets having been blown for you simply because you opened a webpage on Friday afternoon?

You’re going to need something strong. Strong enough to forget sort of strong. How about a Navy Strength Martini.

Okay. Do you live in the states? Perry’s Tot makes a great Navy Strength Gin.But don’t be afraid to substitute Plymouth Navy Strength if you’re overseas or happen to have some in your cabinet. Now while I really want to advocate going global here and using an Australian Vermouth, I understand that might be hard to come by.But it is the Olympics, so don’t settle for silver medals. Go out and get a good vermouth, Dolin maybe?

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What do I drink For? Independence Day

The Fourth of July. A time of Barbecues, sun, relaxation and America [gin anyone?]. But I know what you’re saying. When you’re out in the yard grilling up some steaks and the rest of your friends are pounding back a few “cold ones” you’re looking for something a bit more junipery.

I’m here to help. But first, put that bottle of Beefeater away. Lock the Bombay back in the liquor cabinet and don’t even think about grabbing that bottle of the Botanist. Sure it has over 30 botanicals, but today we’re celebrating America. And what better way than by drinking an American gin?

I’ve got you covered and you can thank me later when you’re enjoying a couple of cocktails.

I am a sucker for cheesy American flag and Eagle clip art. So please spare me this one eccentricity

Our first cocktail suggestions hails from Midtown Manhattan with the apt-named Firecracker cocktail.” Just the idea of pureeing another July 4th tradition [watermelon] immediately conjures up notions of having a watermelon seed spitting contest with your closest cousins. Additionally, this is a great cocktail to make ahead of time too.

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What do I drink for? Euro 2012!

This might be one of those rare moment where those who follow me for my “American Perspective” might be rather thrown off.

I [like many others] have been watching the Euro 2012 tournament and I [like many others] have been enjoying a satisfying adult beverage while watching said games. But here’s the question: what should I have to quaff while watching? And most importantly, I don’t want to be drinking the same thing as the supporters of the French side, especially not when I’m cheering on Sweden.

If you Support Germany, the favorites at this point…. In your case you want something that fits your position. You’re clearly the favorites, so you can take it easy- but not too easy. Right? So you need an effortless cocktail. For you I’m going to recommend a Negroni, a cocktail surely befitting a tournament favorite. But wait, you shouldn’t take that with just any gin. How about Schlichte, the only gin to be a protected regional style in Germany. Go with a 1:1:1 ratio of Gin, Sweet Vermouth and Campari and enjoy the games.

Are you supporting the French in the Euro Quarters?

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What do I Drink for? Mothers Day

Mother’s Day poses an interesting dilemma for the cocktail connoisseur. Mother’s Day Brunch seems something of a tradition for many. But Brunch is in that grey area that happens sometime between sunrise and 1 in the afternoon [known in some cultures as “morning”] where a well-made cocktail is not something to be saluted, but instead, something to be frowned at, glowered upon, and thusly be judged. So what is a gin drinker to do? And most importantly, show mom a good time.

Do charts and graphs ever lie?

The Gin is In to the Rescue Its been widely established that it is okay to drink wine and champagne with breakfast (Journal of Brunching 1985), and therefore the Bellini and the Mimosa are a staple at most reputable brunching establishments. Additionally, the Bloody Mary is an acceptable brunch drink because it contains vegetables and according to one scholar “is sort of like a meal in and of itself (1991), therefore it is acceptable to have at brunch with your mom. But all of these drinks have one problem. No gin.

The Alternative to the Mimosa The French 75 at its core is a simple cocktail.

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What do I drink For? The Kentucky Derby

The Derby Cocktail Sure this cocktail might be more apropos for a horse race in England, but hear me out hear.

2 oz Gin [preferably dry, and definitely chilled is best] 2 Dashes of Peach Bitters [Fee makes a good one] 2 sprigs of fresh mint Stir and strain into a cocktail class. Optional: Garnish with an Olive according to the original source; later versions of the cocktail omit this element.  

So is this peachy, slightly minty, but mostly still just a very dry martini too boozy for you? Let’s try another cocktail that might be a bit easier on the old palette.

Cherry Julep Ahh, the bastard child of the Kentucky Derby staple, “Mint Julep.” Gone is the bourbon; in comes the gin. Plenty of sweetening elements that make it a bit more of a hot May afternoon sort of cocktail

2 oz.

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