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Gin News [July 26th, 2013]

New Product Launches

Awards From the Field

    Congrats to Ford’s Gin who won the prestigious Best New Product Award at this years Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards. The International Wine and Spirit Competition only gave out a huge amount of medals to gin this year [go to this link and do a search for gin if you want to see the whole list….]. In brief, a couple of the Gold Winners were: Adnams Copper House Distilled Gin, No 3. London Dry Gin, Gibson’s London Dry and Bathtub Gin from Master of Malt. The list of silver medals among the various categories is actually quite diverse with a couple new names like Canada’s Ungava and rare overseas brands like Muhlvierteler from Austria getting some well deserved credit.

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50 States of Gin: The Winners of Each Round

Naturally, when there’s 30+ gins to be tasted it cannot be done all at once. As much as we’d like to try, to do a proper tasting our livers and mental capacities just couldn’t take it. So in order to give every gin a proper tasting and a fair shot, we spread it out into 6 mini tastings over the course of a long day. So as promised, here’s a recap of what we tasted side by side and with what–  and I’ll share with you my top two from each heat.

For full gin reviews of every gin covered in the 50 States of Gin tasting, you’ll have to stay tuned to the Gin is In this fall. If my first post was the 10 miles high overview, this is the one from 50,000 feet. The full reviews will be on the ground: up close and personal.

Heat #1 ///

The Participants: Dogfish Head Jin from Delaware [the nation’s first state, I’m sure you see where we’re going with this], Pennsylvania’s Bluecoat Gin, Southern Gin from Georgia, Gale Force Gin from Masscahussetts and finally, New Hampshire’s Karner Blue gin.

Overall a strong opening.

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