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The Gimlet

It’s not just for preventing scurvy anymore.

The gimlet is among the simplest drinks in existence. Gin + Rose’s Lime Juice.  (fresh food types should be aware that if you substitute Fresh for Rose’s you end up with a Gin Rickey.) The devil in the Gimlet is in the ratio though.

If we start at the most extreme version (dating to 1953) we need only a 1:1 ratio of Rose’s Lime to Gin.  For many cocktail drinkers, this might be unbearably sweet. Most recipes use less lime juice.

Unsurprisingly, the Rose’s lime juice site recommends the 1:1 ratio also, which coincidentally uses the most of their product. Drinksmixer barely tips the scales in favor of gin advocating a 5:4 ratio. The “Mad Men” inspired version of the Gimlet recommends a 2:1 ratio in addition to a whole slew of lime slices. Also, ignore the fact they use Vodka, despite vodka not being popular in gimlets until much later. You’re not going to Mad Men for an accurate portrayal of the period, right? Back on topic, Esquire is a fan of the 3:1 ratio. Drink of the Week bills the Gimlet as a “martini alternative” and suggests a 4:1 ratio.

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