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Gin News, [April 19th, 2014]

Chillgrove Gin

I know I’ve been a little behind on these lately, so I wanted to make sure I caught you up on what’s been happening in gin as of late:

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Ungava Gin


Ungava Gin is all about trying to paint the portrait of a place. Firstly, the Cree font near the word Ungava, tries to draw a parallel between many of the Cree nations which live in Northern Quebec. Secondly, Ungava makes use of a series of botanicals native to the northern Quebec region to create a connection with a place.

The place that Ungava is establishing ties to is Ungava Bay, a shallow bay along the Hudson strait with intense tides [that humankind has not yet been able to harnass for good!] but a cold climate not entirely conducive to plants and agriculture. Only a small bit of the southern piece of the bay is within the juniper’s range. Both the common juniper and Juniperus Horizontalis share this native range. Though the latter is native to the colder regions of North America, I might gander if any juniper was truly nordic, it might be the creeping, and quite edible, Horizontal variety, but nevertheless the juniper in Ungava is classic common juniper, just grown in rocky and colder soils.

For example, Ungava uses a selection of “Nordic Botanicals.” Let’s take a look at them since most of them are quite unique to this gin.

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