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Behind the Bar w/ Uganda Waragi

Although Ugandan Waragi didn’t “wow” me, there’s no way I could let good gin go to waste. So what you have here (Waragi in the Bell jar) is a Waragi and Tonic with a generous portion of lime. The lime helped add some flavor and some acidity to the smooth and rather bite-less flavor of the Waragi.

The strong sweetness of Schweppes Tonic added some needed sweetness to the Waragi (thank you High Fructose Corn Syrup).

Overall, this is the way to make Waragi work. The gin like essence of the Waragi- primarily the juniper ends up in the background here and work with the tonic and lime. Although not normally the way I make a tonic (almost 3:1 ratio tonic to gin, with 3 slices of lime) this drink works well and allows Waragi to do what it does best.


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Uganda Waragi Gin


Yes, it comes in a bag

It’s not often that I get to try a gin (or anything for that matter) that is made in Uganda. ¬†Uganda Waragi is a commercially distilled gin distributed by East African Breweries Limited. The term Waragi however, is used to refer to any local Ugandan distilled beverages. This distinction is important to note. Many news articles have been published about deaths from Ugandan Waragi. The Waragi in these articles is the generic kind- the moonshine, not the kind we’re sampling here.

Special thanks goes out to the fine folks over at Summer Fruit Cup. I’ve never seen Uganda Waragi commercially in any store stateside, so this review and sampling is thanks to them and is part of “International Gin Exchange 2011.”

On to the Tasting: I tasted this in partnership with my friend, fellow gin enthusiast, and former college roommate. The first thing you notice about it is the bag. In my life I haven’t had many food items that came in bags like this. We had this fear that it would have that plastic flavor that is such an integral part of the experience of Freezer Pops.

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