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Behind the Bar w/ Tub Gin

First, some background. In college my friends and I began a series of competitions which we called “Aluminum Cook,” or more simply our own version of the television show Iron Chef. It was basically a direct rip off of the TV show. Two people would be selected to cook, and the others would choose the ingredient. The Iron Chef tradition continues in earnest to this day: this time the battle was Cinnamon. And knowing that Cassia is often a flavor in gin, and one that goes well with gin, I sought to take advantage of that in the cocktail course.

I found Tub Gin in the liquor store, and though I had never bought it, thought it was worth taking a chance on. It did list Cassia Bark as one of the components, so I thought at the very least it would be suitable for the drink I had in mind.

Here’s the ingredients for the cocktail I created this evening:

2 0z gin (Tub Gin in this case) 1/2 oz. of cinnamon/walnut syrup* juice from 1 orange wedge, fresh squeezed splash of club soda

Here’s how I made the syrup.

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Gin Reviews

Tub Gin


“We kindly invite you to shut your questioning trap, and enjoy,” says the movie one sees if they click on the ingredients link on the Tub Gin website. Well, if you’re going to be so confrontational about it, I might as well just up and review it and tell you what I think of the gin that you say is made from “fresh Colorado juniper berries and a few other things we found lying around the place.”

But first, let me tell you the story of how I found Tub Gin. Of all places, in a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania state run liquor stores. For those of you who don’t know PA and don’t know about the arcane laws that some states in this union still practice, Pennsylvania State Run Liquor Stores are the Sahara of booze. They’re wastelands of overpriced mainstream liquor. So imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon a gin I’d never seen before. Yes, I follow TubGin on Twitter,but I’d never seen it in a NYC store. So of course, I had to have it.

Tub Gin is a gin drinkers gin, that is for sure. The flavors it boasts are classic.

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