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The Walter Collective Gin


The Walter Collective (like many collectives it starts with a statement of purpose) says that contemporary gins can be so out there that there barely recognizable as gin; classic gins can be one-dimensional and overwhelming in their single focus.

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Gin Reviews

St. Augustine New World Gin


St. Augustine New World Gin in <100 Words

One of a quite small (but growing!) number of gins built on cane spirit, this cane base is 100% Florida grown and has won awards on its own merits. The gin is an equally Florida inspired take, with citrus figuring prominently on the bottle and on the gin as well. Part of their “old world” allure is the intentional anachronism of hand-grinding the botanicals (check out their promo video here) for inclusion in their gin. Set in the oldest European settled-city in North America, I think we can forgive them some old-timey stuff, especially when the gin (in a moment) is what it is.

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Experiment: The Gin Flavor Map

Gin Flavor Map 2013

What we have here is a small experiment in trying to categorize the types of gin on a chart which shows their relationship to one another. The top/bottom axis is the classic/contemporary distinction. The left and right tries to distill the ideas of “complexity” and “perceived spiciness” into a continuum.

It’s still a bit of a work in progress, but I welcome your feedback.

I think the relationships are pretty good. I tried to stick to a few classic points of reference that everyone knows, and then use gins that I’ve reviewed in the last two years: so gins which are still somewhat fresh in my mind, and gins for which I have extensive tasting notes as to accurately place them.

Click on the graphic to see the full-size version. 

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