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Tanqueray Ten

tanqueray ten

I reviewed Tanqueray’s mainstream offering earlier this week. Now we’re going to take a step up the ladder to their top of the line quadruple-distilled gin, aimed specifically at the martini market.

This is indisputably a step up. Despite the higher proof, the gin is much smoother than its older brother. There’s no longer the vague intimation of fruits but a robust grapefruit and lime citrus tang. There’s still plenty of juniper and hints of coriander in the mix, but the smooth citrus finish is what makes this gin. The higher proof means it stands out more strongly in any drink you decide to make with it, and for the most part the flavor is worth capturing and holding on to.

One thing that has struck me about this gin, is that it pretty much has received universal accolades from the liquor blogging community. Its as if the name “ten” was designed to give reviewers a starting point for the review. “Ten is a ten!!!” Though its a fine gin, I’m struck by its seemingly contradictory nature. It was designed for martini drinkers in the spirit of one of the most traditional and piney London dry gins on the market, but in upscaling it they added a slew of citrus that although fairly balanced, manages to hide the juniper base.

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