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Unlike our earlier chart, this is our chance to talk about the most fun reviews and events we’ve done this year. These are our favorite tastings, experiences and posts for the year in gin that was 2012.

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10  August 17th Cocchi v. Lillet  How many cocktail experiments begin and end in a hotel room in rural Ohio? A friend of mine packed up some of the finest spirits we could obtain and brought them to freeway side hotel where we tested the age old discussion of whether Cocchi Americano or Lillet Blanc makes a better Corpse Reviver #2.Not pictured: the Mad Dog road side booze which made its way into some cocktails later that evening. 9  March 28th How to Identify a Phony Bottle of Gin  It was in March when a Twitter followed asked me to identify a brand of gin that he had seen on a television program. It was a wild goose chase that ended in what Occam’s razor should have told me in the first place. If you’ve never seen a bottle before, and it doesn’t look like any bottle you’ve ever seen, there’s a good chance its not a real bottle.

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