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The first in our year-end lists bonanza, we take a look at what the most popular gins and features on this site were according to you, our readers.

# 2011 2010 Title —

1 – – Bombay Sapphire East [Gin Review] In the first full year of its release, this is by far the most popular gin review on The Gin is In. And why not? Its a great gin made by one of the biggest names in gin, and its widely available. Through and through, this is what most of you were looking for in 2012, and I surely hope you found it, because its worth seeking out. 2 1 1 Bols Genever [Gin Review] ¬†Last Year’s most popular page falls to #2 this year. Still, the biggest name in Genever is frequently searched and frequently sought after. Only narrowly beat out the Botanist again this year to stay around near the top of the popularity poll. 3 2 – The Botanist [Gin Review] The Botanist continues to be frequently searched for in 2012, and it really picked up steam in the second half of the year as the gin became more and more widely available in the United States.

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1GD: Pinckney Bend and Tomr’s Tonic

A little bit of a new feature here on The Gin is In. We’re going to look at “One Good Cocktail” for every gin that we review here at the Gin is In. Right now we’re combining our two most recent writeups. Tomr’s Tonic and Missouri’s Pinckney Bend Gin.

My favorite thing about Tomr’s tonic is the way that it makes this rich looking cocktail. I put it in a beer stein for dramatic effect. The dark and cloudy color reminds me a bit of a good IPA, something which I’ve had to give up due to my gluten intolerance. I digress, back to the drink.

This cocktail has a bold citrus punch. Tomr’s and Pinckney bend pay respects to their primary flavor requirements (Quinine and Juniper, respectively) but both opt for a more citrus forward take. The outcome? A relatively strong citrusy- lemon and orange primarily- gin and tonic. Spare the lime, this combination does all of the good work on its own.

1GD: Tomr’s Kayaking trip around the Pinckney Bend

3 Parts of Seltzer 2 Parts of Pinckney Bend Gin 1 Part of Tomr’s Tonic Syrup

Stir together, and serve over ice.

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