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Behind the scenes at The Gin Is In


Hello friends! On this rainy Tuesday, why not come take a behind the scenes tour of The Gin is In? The drinks are always carefully measured.

Some people have a shelf for their liquor. Perhaps a modest bar.

Some people have three book shelves. (To be fair, there’s some tequila and a bourbon here. Plus your creme de violettes (4 types), spicy pear liquor, bitters, etc.)

Some people also fill up their entertainment centers. These truly are the luckiest people. (The birds are not alcohol. Nor are the games, as far as I’m aware.)

This is where the magic happens!

This is just the gin still life lying around. You know, to remind ourselves of the beauty of it all.

This is an average amount of citrus (and tomatoes) for the house. Scurvy is not a problem.


And this is Juan, the turtle! He says hello. And that he would like an Aviation, please.

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Summer Gin Cocktails: Watermelon Gin Fizzy


Cooking as the summer approaches can be a fool’s errand – especially when you don’t live in an apartment with AC, and the temps start to rise above 85F.

So, while I am avoiding cooking in the kitchen , I present a lovely summer gin cocktail to keep you cool.

Watermelon Gin Fizzy

Some watermelon

Some gin (I used Halcyon Gin)

Mint leaves

Soda water

Simple Syrup

A pinch of salt


Rocks glass

I let the gin and watermelon soak for a couple days.

Cocktail, assemble!

Mash up the watermelon and gin together. You can do this step ahead – slice up some seedless or de-seeded watermelon and let it soak in some gin. Or for a more spur of the moment cocktail, just mash it in a glass together. Add the ice. Slice up a couple mint leaves and add to glass. Then, put in some simple syrup to taste – maybe half an ounce or less, whatever suits your sweet tooth. Add a pinch of salt – the tiniest pinch. Trust me! The salt helps even out the flavors and bring out the freshness of the watermelon.

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Cooking in the Kitchen with Gin – Gin Whipped Cream


Gin Whipped Cream – So much more than you’d think.

After making the Gin Vanilla, it occurred to me that I could use this mixture in place of regular vanilla…for anything! Cookies, pancakes, sauces, ice cream, etc. And then, couldn’t I use just regular gin in place of vanilla?

Enter the Gin Whipped Cream. This is really lovely and different from the Cool Whip you buy from the freezer and spoon into your mouth on a hot August Sunday. (Ahem.) It’s rich, creamy, and scented with the notes of the gin. There’s no cooking, so much of the flavor and nose is preserved in sugary-cream form.

This is a rather simple recipe:

12 oz heavy whipping cream

4 Tbls Sugar

1/2 oz Gin, or Gin Vanilla

Whip all of this together with a mixer in a metal bowl, until soft peaks form.

Voila. It’s good with everything – berries, ice cream, itself.


Now, the real challenge here is combining this into a cocktail. A Gin Vanilla jam drink with Gin Jam topped with Gin Whipped Cream? A knitted hat to the first person that makes this. ;P

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Cooking with Gin: Gin in Horchata


That’s right – we’re putting gin into drinks that are historically non-alcoholic. That’s just what we do here in Gin-Central.

Struck by the tastiness of Gin infused Vanilla, and presented with a whole takeout tin of leftover rice, Horchata happened! How did it happen, you ask?

Well, like this:

Gin Horchata

This is based on the Mexican horchata – rice, milk, vanilla, cinnamon and copious amounts of sugar. I’ve altered it a bit because I was too impatient to soak the rice overnight, like many recipes I saw.


1 cup Leftover rice – and I mean leftover. If you cook up a fresh batch, let it sit in the fridge for a few hours.

1 cup Rice Milk – optional. You can also use water.

4 cups Milk

1/2 cup sugar, or, to taste

Dose of Gin Vanilla, or just plain gin. Or, just vanilla, but c’mon.

Liberal amount of cinnamon

Hand Blender, or regular blender if you must

Pan that you can cook in, and ideally put in the fridge


Serving cups


Method to the Madness:

Put most of the rice in a pan on the oven.

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Cooking with Gin – Gin Salt

Tasty, I promise.

Tasty, I promise.

I guess you’re not really cooking with the gin, but this gin salt will certainly make your dishes more delicious, your pets better behaved and your life, generally, much better.

More realistically, I guess, this salt would make a killer addition to a gin-margarita. Really love gin? Find a way to take the gin jam recipe from earlier, put it in a gin cocktail with the gin infused salt. Triple gin action.




A lot of salt. Like a canister. 3 cups maybe? The salary of a Roman solider for a week.

At least a cup of gin

Juniper berries, if you’re feeling adventurous or just can’t get enough of that fresh pine flavor.

Flat sheet pan

A place to let the pan sit

Bowl and spoon for mixing

Food processor or spice grinder or a lot of elbow grease


Maybe two weeks pay, even.

1. Throw some salt into the bowl. Like, a week’s paycheck for a Roman soldier’s worth. 2. Crush the juniper berries lightly. I use the flat side of the knife. You probably shouldn’t copy me because I live dangerously in the kitchen.

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Cooking with Gin – An utter failure

Look at how nice these slices are! Oh it all went wrong in the end like a terribly depressing Dostoevsky novel.

Well, friends, I’m sure you all think I’m a kitchen whiz by now. Gin wife, you’ll say, you saw the hundreds of gins floating around the apartment and thought ‘I can cook with this’, you must be some kind of gin wizard!

Er, not quite. Let me tell you a tale of abject failure.

Candied Citrus Rinds with Gin Glaze

These fruits look well peeled. They are lies.

Sounds delicious, yes?

To start with, I didn’t do much research. Thought I knew what I needed to do! Well, turns out, this is what you ought to do:

    Peel citrus fruit after furiously scrubbing the fruit product. Scrap off pith. Cut into fine strips. Boil rinds for an hour, rinse. Throw into pot with sugar/gin mixture and let reach the candy-ing temperature. Cover pot, put on simmer, and let cook down for another hour. The rinds should be deliciously sugared!

I used a thermometer! What happened!







What I did:

    Peel citrus fruit. Attempt to scrap off pith. Cursed citrus gods. Cut into an attempt at fine strips.

    Look at how nice these slices are! Oh it all went wrong in the end like a terribly depressing Dostoevsky novel.

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Cooking with Gin – Vanilla Gin Extract


Hello gin drinkers, gin wife here again to talk about cooking with gin. Before I begin, you might ask, Gin wife, why are you cooking with gin? Well, dear reader, because there are two hundred odd bottles floating around and I have had enough. Cook with it I must!

So let’s talk about a delicious thing you can do with a lot of gin – Vanilla Gin Extract. Wait…stay with me. It’s not that imitation vanilla extract you once drank on a dare. This is serious shit. This recipe is easy, but takes some time. So if you’re thinking, man, I could use some holiday gift ideas, start now! By the time October/November rolls around, it will be too late!


Gin (Pick something with aromatics that will compliment vanilla, or something ‘gin-neutral’ aka juniper forward.)

Vanilla Beans (Splurge on them, it will be worth it. Get real vanilla beans. Don’t use vanilla extract – c’mon, that’s what we’re trying to make.)

Glass jar with lid

Dark place to store jar for at least eight weeks

Sharp Knife


    Take the vanilla bean, slice it open. Put the vanilla bean (sliced) into the glass jar.

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Cooking with Gin – Berry Jam Recipe


Hello friends, Gin wife here to talk to you about another delicious thing you can do in the kitchen with gin. Besides drink it, of course. Gin-berry jam! Which, come to think of it, you can put in a Gin Jam Cocktail. So you can drink this, too. Or put it on toast. Or both. No judgement.

Working with sugar is always tricky – break out the pants and long sleeves for this.

Now, this berry gin jam recipe will not preserve your jam on the shelf indefinitely. This will definitely have to go into the fridge when you are done. If you want to have jam that will last for months on the shelf, I’d look into how you sterilize and boil jam jars – plenty of resources out there! Also, you add gin to boiling liquid, but assume there will always be a trace amount of alcohol.

Berry Gin Jam Recipe

3 pounds fresh, clean berries – I used blackberry, strawberry, and blueberry.

7 and a half cups of sugar (about 4 pounds, measure it out!) – Yes, you need this much. Don’t try with a sugar substitute, it will not set in the same way.

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Cooking With Gin – Gravlax Recipe

Gravlaks with cucumber and cream cheese on brioche.

Gravlaks with cucumber and cream cheese on brioche.

Hello readers, Gin wife hear again to talk about cooking with gin. Or, in today’s case, not cooking with gin. Pickling, maybe. Preserving? I’m not too sure on the exact term, but there is definitely no cooking involved.

So are you feeling brave? Good. Let’s talk Gravlax. Gravlax is a Scandinavian dish of salmon dry-cured in sugar, salt, and delicious flavors like dill, or you know, gin. Well, the gin is my addition. Traditionally one uses aquavit. And this was a surprisingly delicious dish. A bit like lox, for those familiar with it. You can taste the juniper, and any notes of the gin in it. I chose a navy strength gin (Perry’s Tot) to ensure a strong flavor and I had some vague ideas about a higher proof being safer, backed up by nothing by assumptions. And as always, this is not an alcohol-free dish!

The gravlax recipe is simple but you need time. I let it sit for 72 hours, but some recipes have you digging in after as short as 24 hours. I would opt for the 72 hours. You’ll also need some fridge space to let this sit.

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The Gin Wife Invents: Dare I Drink a Plum?

Dare I Drink a Plum?

Friends, the Gin Wife again. I am here to present to you an invented cocktail of mine, something with lots of rich, spice-ful flavors which I find to be perfect for the holiday season.

Dare I Drink a Plum?

2 parts Greenhook Ginsmith’s Beach Plum Gin (or any Beach Plum Gin, this is what we had around, and honestly, what was the inspiration for this drink.)

1 part Soda Water

1 half part Art in the Age’s Root Liquor (Or dashes of spiced bitters, something with good, dark, rich flavor. Something molasses-y, perhaps!)

1 generous lemon (any brand) squeeze

Combine all ingredients in a shaker, and shake it up! Pour over ice. Simple! Add a dash of cinnamon if you are feeling it.

I have a half a notion that this would also taste good heated up, but the other half of that notion is worried that the richness of the Beach Plum liquor would overwhelm, well, everything. I will have to update when I am brave enough to try.

Aaron will be discussing the Beach Plum Gin in more detail soon! As for my notes: I liked it. I like plum and plum-like flavors.

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