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The Craft of Gin

Announcing The Craft of Gin: by Aaron J. Knoll and David T. Smith.

In Collaboration with David T. Smith, my partner and co-author, we’re proud to announce the release of our first book.

The Craft of Gin is an introduction to the world of gin. It includes a history of the spirit, interviews with distillers, tasting notes for over 50 gins with special emphasis on U.S. Craft gins [thirty gins from thirty states] and a list of the quintessential gin cocktails.

This book came out of our “50 States of Gin” tasting from last summer and is hopefully the first in a series of partnerships between myself and David.

Available at Barnes and Available at

Stay Tuned to The Gin is In, Summer Fruit Cup and The Craft of Gin website for details and updates.

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