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Gin News [February 7th, 2014]

We follow up a rather busy week in gin with a somewhat quiet week in gin. With no big releases to speak of, we have to settle for some reviews and a pop star talking about gin.

Who was talking about gin this week?

Second Opinions

    The Liquor Lady reviews Barr Hill Gin () “It provides a unique aroma on the nose (sweetness from the honey definitely comes through) without losing the traditional gin aromas (i.e., juniper)” The London Gin Club Reviews Sipsmith VJOP “. This is a beefy, punchy gin and for its wonderful 57.7% it is very, very smooth as well.” Tom’s Whiskey Reviews is stepping into something new with “gin month.” This week he reviewed The Botanist (): “…the nose goes much more fresh and citrussy with lemongrass and lemon and lime peel, a touch of garden flora also.”

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Top 10s

Most Popular Posts 2012

The first in our year-end lists bonanza, we take a look at what the most popular gins and features on this site were according to you, our readers.

# 2011 2010 Title —

1 – – Bombay Sapphire East [Gin Review] In the first full year of its release, this is by far the most popular gin review on The Gin is In. And why not? Its a great gin made by one of the biggest names in gin, and its widely available. Through and through, this is what most of you were looking for in 2012, and I surely hope you found it, because its worth seeking out. 2 1 1 Bols Genever [Gin Review]  Last Year’s most popular page falls to #2 this year. Still, the biggest name in Genever is frequently searched and frequently sought after. Only narrowly beat out the Botanist again this year to stay around near the top of the popularity poll. 3 2 – The Botanist [Gin Review] The Botanist continues to be frequently searched for in 2012, and it really picked up steam in the second half of the year as the gin became more and more widely available in the United States.

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Gin Reviews

The Botanist


Another of the wonderful gins sent to me by David over at was one gin in particular which I had wanted so very badly. 31 Botanicals! and 22 of which are native to the island of Islay. The Botanist comes to the bar with an impressive resume to begin with: It’s a limited run (only 15,000 bottles) , is very much a part of the “locally sourced” trend in food and drink (see: Death’s Door Gin), and it is distilled at the well known and respected Bruichladdich distillery in Islay which is best known for its whiskeys and the unique terroir that Hebrides brings to their creations. But now on to the Botanist. How does it stand up to the very crowded market of high-end gins with obscure botanicals?

I only had a small bottle with which to sample. So I want to preface this review and let the audience know that my friend and I sipped it neat, and then I made a gin and tonic with it.

Neat, it was complex. There was a lot going on in there, but almost so much that you couldn’t really say that “this was in there,” or it felt like “this kind of gin.” Sipping, it has a vaguely vegetable like flavor, but juniper stands out.

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