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Tonic Water

Thomas Henry Tonic Bitters

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Thomas Henry Tonic Bitters by The Bitter Truth


You might be forgiven for wondering what on earth a bitters review is doing here on TheGinIsIn.

Those of you who don’t know me in the real world, will be forgiven for not knowing that I have a big soft spot for bitters. Over 20 varietals fill the gaps on my bar shelf between every bottle of gin. But while bitters have many uses in gin drinks, only one bitters is actually specifically built for gin.

These bitters are designed to go right into your Gin and Tonic.

And of course, you can bet we’ve put them to the test.

What do they taste like? On their own? There’s a lot of citrus, actually grapefruit that comes off of these guys when you sip them off the spoon. Like, Ruby Red, fresh grapefruit. Orange rind, and white pepper notes on the finish as well. It’s a bitters, so it’s hard to say its really potable on it’s own, but you can see where it’s going. Mostly citrus, a touch of bitterness and hints of spice.

Grapefruit is an interesting flavor to choose for a gin paired bitters.

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Behind the Bar with Bluecoat Gin

My old college roommate, and great friend (another reader of the blog, so consider this a “shout-out!” and an invite to be a guest writer one day?) bought a bottle of Bluecoat Gin a while back. He was not as much a fan as I am. So he bequeathed the bottle unto me, and I excitedly took it home. I already was well aware of its limitations and proclivities. Having been enjoying Manhattans as of late, and being fresh out of whiskey, I decided to put my bitters to work in a subtle variation on a martini.

Setting the Scene: I had broken with the traditional Manhattan recipe in one important way. I am a huge fan of the Bitter Truth’s orange bitters and had been putting them to work quite liberally in an array of cocktails.

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