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Rehorst Gin


These days when you say a gin is “unusual,” you walk on the precipice of invoking other large brands’ marketing material. There’s a brand in Spain which has tried to trademark the word Premium. The word unusual is seemingly trademarked when it comes to gin by other brands. And yet, when I say something is unusual, I don’t mean that it reminds me of another large brand. I simply mean that it does something memorable and different without a wildly divergent profile. In that sense, the non-italicized version of the word ‘unusual,’ Rehorst Gin is unusual.

It starts with a relatively classic set of base botanicals. But then it adds two notes, which Great Lakes Distillery claims have “never [been] found in any Gin before.”

Sweet Basil Wisconin Ginseng

When I initially talked about that unusual flavor profile that immediately strikes you upon first taste is indeed sweet basil. There’s a note which reminds me of the smell of the kitchen when my father used to make spaghetti sauce as a child.

The nose is a bit citrusy, a hint of juniper and a little bit of alcohol vapor burn right there.

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