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Summer Gin Cocktails: Watermelon Gin Fizzy


Cooking as the summer approaches can be a fool’s errand – especially when you don’t live in an apartment with AC, and the temps start to rise above 85F.

So, while I am avoiding cooking in the kitchen , I present a lovely summer gin cocktail to keep you cool.

Watermelon Gin Fizzy

Some watermelon

Some gin (I used Halcyon Gin)

Mint leaves

Soda water

Simple Syrup

A pinch of salt


Rocks glass

I let the gin and watermelon soak for a couple days.

Cocktail, assemble!

Mash up the watermelon and gin together. You can do this step ahead – slice up some seedless or de-seeded watermelon and let it soak in some gin. Or for a more spur of the moment cocktail, just mash it in a glass together. Add the ice. Slice up a couple mint leaves and add to glass. Then, put in some simple syrup to taste – maybe half an ounce or less, whatever suits your sweet tooth. Add a pinch of salt – the tiniest pinch. Trust me! The salt helps even out the flavors and bring out the freshness of the watermelon.

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