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Tonic Water

Hibiscus Strong Tonic


Previously, we’ve reviewed Strong Tonic’s Extraordinary Tonic Syrup (). From Oklahoma City, they’ve done quite well since their launch and their newest product is a floral spin on their initial offering. Hibiscus has begun appearing in a few contemporary style gins, but has nowhere reached the popularity of Elderflower. So you’re not going to have the same frequency of flavor convergence when mixing with this syrup. But you are going to add a floral touch to your drink. So if that’s not your style of G&T there’s probably not much that will convince you. But if you are, well then you’re in for a treat.

The syrup is thick and viscous, but still flowing. It’s a lovely oxblood in hue, which lightens dramatically when mixed in a cocktail. The nose is bright and sweet, with molasses, fruit cake, cinnamon sugar, and hibiscus tea notes. Sipping on its own, you can really appreciate how bold an assertive the quinine component is in here. It’s not a floral mixer, it is clearly a tonic. Sweet, with cinnamon, nutmeg, raisins, and the finish is bright and slightly spice with a refreshing hibiscus after taste.

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Tonic Water

Strong Tonic


I can’t get enough tonic syrup. This is  by far the best trend to hit gin since gin became cool again.

Straight out of Oklahoma City.

I know, you probably didn’t think of Oklahoma as a hot bed of cocktail incubation. But this is what I love about the craft spirits thing. It’s everywhere. Really. This isn’t just a New York thing. Or a Seattle thing. This thing is going on everywhere. So although Oklahoma doesn’t have a gin yet [do you hear me Oklahomans? I’m anxiously awaiting. Call me!] our nation’s 46th state is contributing to the gin revolution in this country.

Okay, enough with the history you say! How does it taste?

So! How does it Taste? I’m going to reverse things up a bit here and talk a little about how it mixes first.

Strong Tonic advocates a recipe for G&T as followed:

    3 parts soda water 2 parts gin 1 part tonic syrup garnish with citrus

I found this to be an effective and quite good ratio. When mixed with gin, the initial thoughts were a “tad fruity,” “christmas and holiday spices,” “remarkably different than other tonic syrups.”

It makes a good G&T, a tad more sweet than other tonic syrups by volume hence the ratio above.

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