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Comb 9 Gin

comb 9 bottle

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I’ve made a lot over the base spirit that distillers use to build their gin upon. We’ve seen apple, potato, rye, molasses, corn, and any other manner of grains. But until today, we haven’t seen a gin that uses honey. And to be very specific, orange blossom honey.

Oranges? Orange Blossom Honey is a monofloral honey, which means that it is predominantly the honey produced by bees pollinating a single species of plant. Orange Blossom Honey is highly regarded since at the time bees are pollinating orange flowers, not much else is in bloom. Therefore, Orange Blossom Honey is rather pure, and has a unique bright floral qualities.

StilltheOne Distillery takes advantage of these floral properties and distills a base that is wholly unique and maintains hints of those floral qualities in the end products [which include a vodka and a brandy in addition to their gin].

Nose? Sweet and rich, but simultaneously not that strong. Softly floral. It doesn’t scream out gin on the nose.

Taste? While the nose is rather mild, the taste is vivid. Lots of juniper up front, floral with hints of citrus. Some of the floral notes intimate notes of elderflower and lavender.

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