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Sipsmith Smoked Gin

Introduction [to the tune of “Stars of Track and Field”] Occasionally when you’re a gin reviewer such as myself you have the distinct pleasure of getting to try things which are not available. And may never be available. My good friend David over at Summer Fruit Cup, as many of you who follow me on Twitter know is my “hook up” so to speak for U.K. Gins which we can’t get over here.

Last summer, Sipsmith Smoked Gin was part of a package he sent me. I enjoyed the taste, but never quite got around to reviewing it. Lately I’ve had a renewed interest in smoked gins, I thought this Saturday night, listening to Belle and Sebastian it might be a good time to take a look at what exactly a smoked Gin can be.

Nose/Taste [To the tune of “Me and the Major”] Striking to me immediately is how the nose does not seem incredibly smoky. There’s a faint hint of something woody, but mostly a bright floral bouquet, revealing a gentle subtle juniper note. Cooked lemon and a hint of cardamom on the close. While I haven’t properly reviewed a Sipsmith gin, I can say with virtual certainty that the base for this must be their London Dry Gin.

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