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Seagram’s Peach Twisted Gin

peach gin

Seagram’s has quite the line of flavored gins. We’ve covered quite a few on here so far, and I’ve come to a single conclusion. Your general appreciation of the flavored gin will likely reflect your approach to candy of the same flavor. Like Apple Jolly Ranchers? You’ll probably find the same flavor in the apple gin. With the peach gin— if you like Peach Rings candy, you’ll probably like— or at least fine the flavor unobjectionable.

Tasting Notes

The nose is strong of peach candy. Sugary, peachy, very sweet, with a faint citrus dryness on the tail. Decidedly one note though. You’ll recognize the flavor pretty much immediately. The palate is a bit more nuanced however. Quiet peach shnapps, lemon, on the front end. The middle has notes of juniper, coriander and angelica. The finish is a bit more lemony again, with the peach candy note coming in. Some heat in the back of the palate that has lemon, juniper and peach schnapps. Although the nose screams peach candy, the palate has significantly more in terms of a gin like profile. The peach candy note is there through most of the tasting, though most pronounces on the tail.

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Seagram’s Pineapple Twisted Gin

Seagram's Pineapple Gin

Flavored Gin is a harsh sell among gins. Most of the time, the target market for these sort of things is looking for something which is purely the flavor on the bottle. This is where pineapple vodka comes in: it’s pineapple and not much else. But flavored gin is this completely different animal: we’ll give you your pineapple and give it some juniper at the same time.

It’s a bit limiting in terms of scope. You generally mix these outright. You don’t do a lot of cocktail work with them. They’re supposed to be fun and easy to drink. I’ve reviewed other gins from the Seagram’s line before, so I’m a little familiar with kind of the base expectations:

You can craft some cocktails around these gins and come up with some fairly good results. But they don’t really work too well in classic cocktails. Mixed drinks, sure, but cocktails no. So I won’t be overly negative and go into the reason why this makes a weird Negroni or less than stellar Aviation. Chances are, if you’re looking for a flavored gin, you’re not looking for something which does those things*.

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Apple Flavored Gin: What can I make?

flowering apple tree cocktail

I admit to having the same problem upon finding a bottle of Apple Flavored gin. There just isn’t a lot of ideas out there as for how you can do something interesting with this bad boy. There’s a couple of ideas out there, “mix it with ginger ale,” says every internet liquor warehouse ever, and the Institute for Alcoholic Experimentation came up with an idea as well. I recommend the Negroni among all of the old standby cocktails, but thought perhaps I could add a couple new ideas. Below are a couple of cocktail ideas I came up with that do this somewhat obscure and hard to pair ingredient justice.

{"@context":"http:\/\/\/","@type":"Recipe","name":"Spring Orchard Cocktail","author":{"@type":"Person","name":"Aaron"},"datePublished":"2013-11-16 14:14:29","image":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2013\/11\/flowering-apple-tree-cocktail.jpg","description":"Been wondering what to do with that Apple Gin you bought? Maybe want to do something other than just pour oodles of soda over it? Here's an idea that works really nicely if you happen to have St. Germain or another Elderflower liqueur on hand. ","recipeYield":"1 ","totalTime":"PT1M","recipeIngredient":["3 parts Apple flavored Gin","2 parts Elderflower Liqueur ((St. Germain preferred))"],"recipeInstructions":["Shake ingredients with ice, strain. Top with about 3 oz. of soda water. Garnish with lemon peel, serve. "]} Spring Orchard Cocktail Print Recipe Been wondering what to do with that Apple Gin you bought?

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Seagram’s Apple Twisted Gin

apple gin

Apple Gin is not a new creation. Once a more common cocktail ingredient, it has since been exiled to the furthest corners of the bar and liquor shelf.

The most common question to would-be-buyers of Apple Gin is “what on earth do I do with it.” Well hopefully, I’ll help offer a couple of suggestions later on. But in the meantime, let’s get to the tasting notes:

Tasting Notes

Faint apple juice and faux jolly rancher green apple on the nose. That’s about all. Not a lot of depth, you might confuse it for apple liqueur, of [my first guess], green bottles of apple flavored martini mix. The taste is a bit more of the same, with some juniper tinge on the finish. Sweet apple dominates, hints of citrus and spice on the edges. Doesn’t really push the envelope on the subject. It’s more apple liqueur. Reads as “fake,” which I think hurts it a bit in terms of what you can do with it.

Cocktail Ideas?

With tonic its palatable, but more of the same. The bitterness helps quell the fake apple taste a tad, but not enough to make folks who turned their up at the nose to come back around again.

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Seagram’s Lime Twisted Gin

seagram's 2

You’re probably familiar with Seagram’s Gin if you’ve ever bought gin in the states. Its rather ubiquitous. It also is the only gin brand I know of which has its hand in ready made drinks, flavored gins, aged gin and regular gin. Seagram’s Gins are designed to cover a whole range of tastes at a rather inexpensive price point.

This is the first time we’ve had one of their twisted gins in the lab for a taste test. First, I want to note what it says on the front of the bottle: “Extra Dry Gin with Lime Liqueur.” Basically they take their main gin offering, and infuse it with a lime liqueur. Interesting, seeing as how as far as I’ve tasted, there are not many lime spirits out there. Lime and gin go together quite naturally, so let’s see how this spirit brings it all together.

Tasting Notes

Nose is definitely gin like, good deal of citrus and some juniper. Smells a tad sweet, but clearly gin. Tasting it neat it begins with a bit of a gin like edge, citrus, juniper, and angelica. The lime comes in loud and clear about halfway through the tasting.  

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Gin News [October 4th, 2013]

And without further ado, here’s what’s going on in the world of gin this week:

New Product Launches

Who Else Was Talking about Gin this Week?

Gin Reviews from Other Writers

Parting Thought:

“We have never understood the aversion to gin that so often plagues members of our generation.

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Seagram’s Gin and Juice: Green Dragon w/ Ginseng

Seagram’s Gin and Juice, Green Dragon with Ginseng seems an odd intersection of two things: the [should be] trend of the premixed cocktail and the trend of adding ingredients with purported health benefits to drinks which otherwise are sugary treats [here’s looking at you Vitamin Water].

Ginseng? This isn’t Ginseng in the same sense of Ginseng as a botanical in gin. Well, they are one and the same plant. But in a gin you might suggest that the ginseng adds a flavor, or is trying to create a certain character in the gin. In Gin and Juice, the ginseng is probably here for one of its two primary attributed folk-medicine characters. Either as an aphrodisiac, or as a caffeine-alternative wake-you-up sort of stimulant. Take your pick. Take one. Take both. It’s not adding any flavor to this. Speaking of flavor….

Yes, Speaking Of Flavor The nose is sweet, again kind of fake, but kiwi predominantly. A little bit of kool-aid. Inoffensive, inviting.

The taste is a bit more rounded out. There’s a hint of alcohol in here. Not quite juniper or something gin-like, but very clearly present. Strawberry recognizable, very sweet, fake kiwi present.

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Seagram’s Gin and Juice, Original Citrus

Pre-mixed cocktails have an allure that is easy to get.

When you’re throwing a party and you don’t feel like mixing drinks. Your friends don’t feel link mixing drinks. But you’re not going to be drinking beer. Or wine.

For some reason this specific place in the market seems vastly unserved. Seagram’s Gin and Juice line isn’t new, but yet it doesn’t have many competitors out there. You want a pre-mixed gin drink? This is pretty much it folks.

But let’s get down to it. It’s bright yellow and a fairly robust 35 proof. But how does it taste. I’m going to stay true to my usual format for consistency sake, although I can think few people would bother to comment [or care] about the nose on this.

Tasting Seagram’s Original Citrus The nose is fake citrus for sure. That distinct sour mix scent. Lemon, lime, neither distinct enough to pick out. No trace of juniper or gin for that matter. Not entirely unexpected. Its whatever makes citrus shelf stable enough to last that long out of the refrigerator.

The taste itself is decidedly not fresh, but somewhat more sour and less palatable than most sour mix is.

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